mama you are

Mamas Are Miracles Too

Oh sweet mama... You are all these things and more. When you feel low, lost, forgotten, frazzled, tired, or sad...please remember you are still all those things. Your divine nature will never leave you. And your divine nature is... Brave Supported Mystical Enough Sacred Whole Gorgeous Goddess-like [Insert ... read more

breathe mama

Bring Back Your Breath

When was the last time you took a luxurious, deep breath of fresh oxygen in? Well, let's give it a go right now. One of my favorite ways to curb my anxiety, racing thoughts, and even feelings of sadness or overwhelm is to incorporate two breathing exercises. The first: 4-7-8 breath Breathe in for four counts, hold for seven, ... read more

spiritual warrior mama bear badass

Did You Forget?

Warrior mamas are everywhere. We're spiritual guidance counselors, mama bears with hearts of gold, badass souls that came here all-in. Some days it doesn't feel like this. AT. ALL. But -- the good news is -- this title, well, it never goes away. We just need the reminding sometimes :) Love you light tribe! xo, B ... read more

path of motherhood

Wild + Untamed Motherhood

Whatever road you happen to be traveling on've got this, mama. Your path is perfect. *** I'll be sharing a few more mama wisdom posts this week in honor of Mother's Day. Please share with a mama or two who you love. We're all in this together :)   ... read more

river and blair hug 1 year

Celebrating My Rebirth-day

1 year ago today I had my son. And I don't think it was just chance that River was born just two days after my birthday. My water broke the night of my thirtieth year, beginning my initiation into a new life. Nearly 365 days ago, my life looked completely different. I was just a few hours away from giving birth to a beautiful ... read more